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Don't cry because it's over,
smile because it happened.

Theodor Seuss Geisel

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Dear supporters,

some of you know it already, but we're also making it official now: Due to economical and personal reasons we have decided with a heavy heart to not work on Flowy Apps in full-time anymore :'( It was not easy for us, but sometimes you have to make decisions in your life, which are necessary to start a new adventure.

REDS was and is still our vision of a forward-looking cloud technology, in which we've put a lot of time, money and nerves during the last years. We will continue to work on this vision, but not to the same extend as we did so far. We cannot say how things will go on right now, but if you have questions or ideas you can still contact us via hello.

We want to thank everyone, who supported and believed in us during the last 3.5 years and experienced an eventful, inspiring, exciting, challenging, funny and simply wonderful time with us. A special thanks goes to Open Campus, all Starterkitchen start-ups in Kiel and our former employees Luisa and Daniel!

Annika & Torben